March 9, 2016

Shred-It Day 2016

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We are doing it again! Saturday, April 16, our Fayetteville location will be having another Shred-It Day! We will have the Shred-It paper shredding service company come and park in our parking lot. You can bring any and all of your shred worthy documents and the Shred-It truck can shred them right here in the parking lot.

Fayetteville, TN Location

With cases of identity theft on the rise it is ever more important to be careful where our personal information is. Experts suggest to shred any document that has personal identifiable information on it. This helps to thwart identity thieves from gathering your information and stealing your identity. Here are some examples of documents that need to be shredded:

  • Old tax documents
  • Old pay-stubs and bank statements
  • Home purchase or sale documents
  • Medical records and bills
  • Warranty documents
  • Social security statements
  • Insurance statements
  • Retirement plan statements
  • Credit card offers

Please remember to look up the guidelines on each type of document for how long to keep copies. You can find some more information here: